Striped Bass fishing is a spring staple along the Hudson River. As these MONSTER primarily saltwater fish, make the trek up the Hudson to spawn, they become the target of many anglers in the region. Many hear about the Striper fishing but never get out to fish for these beasts, thinking its a big task, lots of work, and takes a boat or lots of skill. Well, that's actually not the case. Our special guest Melissa Baumann has been fishing for Striped Bass for years. Melissa will share with you her techniques for targeting Striped Bass from shore along the Hudson River. Stop by her seminar at the show, take in all her tips and tricks, and also share yours with the group as well!

Melissa Baumann Bio:

I grew up in Warwick, NY on Wickham Lake and have been fishing ever since I could stand up and hold a rod, with my parents. I've fished for every species that lives around here and I have always been into anything that has to do with the outdoors, fishing, hiking, hunting, camping. I started Striper Fishing on the Hudson years ago and they quickly became my favorite fish to go after. This expanded to surf fishing everywhere from Massachusetts and block island to South Jersey and everywhere in between. I learn something new each time I go out, which is as often as I can. I am a member of the oasis fishing club in Putnam County and help with DEP fishing events, 4H fairs, and kids fishing days.