The Northeast Outdoor Show presents the return of the Lumberjack Classic, May 18th and 19th at the Northeast Outdoor Show taking place at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck.

This family friendly event pits the best Timbersport competitors in the nation against each other for big cash prizes! Admission to the Lumberjack Classic is included with your Northeast Outdoor Show admission.

Lumberjack Show Competitions:


For this activity, the competitor stands with feet on top of a long with feet about 12 to 15 inches apart. Once the competition starts, the competitor begins to chop through the log with their axe.


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One of the most familiar lumberjack activities, the spring board chop involved a 9 foot pole placed in the ground where the competitor must use their axe to cut pockets into the log and then place a 6 inch wide spring board platforms into the pockets which the competitors then stand on one and hop to the top of the pole where they then cut the top off with their axe. Historically, this event gave loggers a level chopping area above an uneven ground.


Hot Saw is a super amped up Chain Saw. Competitors create their own hot saw, most of the time from a watercraft engine or even a snowmobile engine. The competitors are then timed on a downed cut, upped cut, and downed cut on the log.


This event is simply a race to see who can cut down a tree with an axe the fastest. Competitors use their axe to chop their way through a 12 to 14 inch white pine.


This event uses a single person cross-cut saw to cut through 19 inches of pine the fastest. Sometimes competitors have helpers that will provide a wedge into the cut to prevent the teeth from the saw from sticking.

See these competitions and more all weekend long at the Northeast Outdoor Show!