Fred Wilson of FlipFlyTye Fishing Products will be attending the Northeast Outdoor Show and will be performing a seminar on each day on the subject of Bass Fishing 360. A Candlewood Lake guide and Sage Flyrod pro, he will be giving professional pointers on how he uses his Flip, Fly, Tye Style to catch Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. Topics will include:

Hair Jig Finesse Fishing, Light Line Spinning Rod Pointers
Getting started using a Bait Caster without backlashes and understanding Flipping and Pitching Techniques
Single-hand Spey Casting for Bass
Getting the most out of your cast using good form/fundamentals and understanding proper rod and line set up, taught by a Rio Flyline pro. Demonstrated on a 7'11" Fly Rod, from the Sage Bass Fly Rod Series, with a Rio Flyline.
For all ages and skill levels.

He teaches his techniques, honed from years of practice, and incorporates many of the same skills and routines, based on the importance of form and hand eye coordination he has gained from his hockey experiences, as well as what he has learned in the same respect from owning and operating Fred's Drywall Service since 1982. He combines this with a person's skills to better incorporate them into their cast to improve their fishing experience and practice methods and create a better casting form. Reflecting on how he was fortunate to be part of the Brian Kerchal Fishing Camp with many other fellow fisherman, he realized he shared the same passion the youth had shown they had for the Outdoors, which has driven him to do his part in teaching and encouraging youth and others.

Referred to as a 250HP Merc with a Flyrod by one Bassmaster writer, Fred brings clarity that accuracy and efficiency is the key and will create cleaner presentations resulting in more catches. With the support of Sage Flyrods and Rio fly lines, Fred has taken the time to research and develop the proper rod and line combinations for various seasonal patterns.

Learning the value of Maribou jigs in the early 80s when fishing Lake Zoar and the Connecticut Bass Federation Trail, Fred continued studying flyfishing and tying and dedicated much of his time incorporating that knowledge into better tied hair jigs and flat living rubber hand-tied jigs for cold water finesse fishing, and detailed pitching and flipping jigs.

Tying Demonstrations:
Nicknamed What’s Up Wilson from his tying seminars, Fred is known for demonstrating with some of the latest materials on the market. Currently working on New Smallmouth and Largemouth patterns for various applications, made with Leatherbait materials and UV2 products and various other tying materials and components. Many tied on Wicked Weights quality Tungsten.

New Patterns are constantly in the works. Go to for information regarding all current and future products, including:

Fly Rod Series - This species designed Swim Jig series (Panfish, Bronzebacks, Largemouth, and Waterwolves(Pike)) made for pursuing your favorite species in warm or cold water situations.

Leathair Series - Made with a combination of various hairs, such as UV2 Maribou and a variety of synthetics, combined with Leatherbait materials and tying components.

Brush Pile Jigs - These weedless jigs are perfect for the angler who just likes to get away and hang out at their favorite gnarly brush pile, pitching and flipping for hawgs.

The FlipFlyTye Open Water Series - Hair jigs designed for the angler who likes to test their skill level in the open water, controlling a lifelike presentation in various depths to fish Humps, Rock Walls and Suspended Fish.

FlipFlyTye Dock Jigs - For the bass chilling in the shade.

Panfish Series - Family fun. Great for Perch, Crappie and they even catch Smallmouth.

Salt Water Series

Stop by for some pro pointers or tie your first fly! Be sure to ask "What’s Up?”