Brian Rush is an esteemed craftsman and the mastermind behind Rush Custom Callers, a renowned enterprise that specializes in creating custom handcrafted game calls. With a true passion for his craft, Brian has transformed his hobby into a thriving full-time business.

What sets Rush Custom Callers apart is Brian's unwavering commitment to excellence. Each game call is individually turned and meticulously tuned by Brian himself, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity in both craftsmanship and sound. His attention to detail guarantees that every game call is unique and tailored to its specific purpose.

A proud proponent of American craftsmanship, Brian takes great pride in using only American parts in the creation of his game calls. His commitment to sourcing local materials highlights his dedication to supporting American industries and ensuring the superior quality of his products.

Rush Custom Callers has gained a stellar reputation across various states, including New York, Ohio, Illinois, Kansas, and Missouri. Hunters from all corners of America recognize it as the go-to source for captivating, natural-sounding, and custom-handmade game calls. Whether you're pursuing whitetail deer, turkey, waterfowl, or predators, Rush Custom Callers offers a wide range of options to suit your specific hunting needs.

One of the unique aspects of Rush Custom Callers is the ability to select from a variety of wood options for your game call. This allows you to own a truly one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your personal style and preferences. Additionally, Brian offers the option to customize your call using wood from your favorite or memorable hunting spot. By incorporating sentimental elements into your game call, Rush Custom Callers turns old hunting memories into new bragging rights.

“There are many styles and forms of Game calling, but the concept is all the same - to paint an audible picture to manipulate a wild animal into feeling comfortable entering an environment that you have created. The more authentic the sound can be the more successful that caller will become”- Brian Rush