Take a look around the Hudson Valley next time you're outside and you're likely to come across some amazing wildlife.

We've had bear sightings, mountain lions, bob cats even poisonous caterpillars have been seen in the Hudson Valley. Bird watching is super popular here in the Valley when you can catch glimpses of amazing birds like hawks and eagles.

Usually you'll see hawks or eagles flying in wooded areas, maybe down by the water and even on the highway. However, right near the dollar store isn't a usual bird sighting spot.

The DEC reported that officers Tom Koepf and Corey Hornicek received a call about a hawk stuck in a dead tree in Sullivan County. The call was from an employee at the Livingston Dollar General.


While trying to save the bird Officer Hornicek told firefighters before they cut down the dead tree to try and break it in the direction of a fuller tree, to lessen the blow for the hawk.

All went as planned and the red tail hawk avoided injury and was safely removed from the tree.