It's about to begin, and for many families throughout the Hudson Valley, it is an annual tradition and a rite of passage for the younger members of the family. Deer and bear season begins this Saturday, November 19 at sunrise and will continue through Sunday, December 11.

You may be thinking to yourself, hasn't hunting season already begun? Yes and no. Bowhunting season has already started, but this is regular firearms season for deer and bear in the Southern region of New York State. The Department of Environmental Conservation is encouraging everyone to be safe and to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, this is the most popular hunting season with 85% of the 550,000 licensed hunters in New York participating. With this many people out during the season, the DEC encourages everyone to remember gun safety; Point guns in a safe direction, treat every gun as if it were loaded, be sure of the target and beyond, keep the finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, and remember to wear Hunter Orange.

In addition, if your family won't be using the venison over the winter,  you might consider donating your deer to the Venison Donation program which helps feed those who need a little help. For the complete rules and regulations regarding hunting in New York, click here.

Happy, and safe hunting!


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