Good news (or bad news, if you like having sex in parks): New Yorkers are having less sex in parks.

The New York Times reports that New Yorkers are having less sex in parks. Well, New York City parks at least. In 2007, 432 tickets were given out for "sex in park." In 2018, only six tickets were given out.

So why are New Yorkers having less sex in parks? Are we more boring or do we just not like it anymore? According to The New York Times, there are three possible reasons for the severe drop in sex in park tickets.

The first is that police officers are writing fewer tickets, according to the New York Times. Officers now seek to solve issues without tickets and handcuffs. The second is that parks are being upgraded and drawing bigger crowds because of upgrades, therefore giving less of a chance to have sex when there are a billion people around. Finally, the last reason is because of good ole technology. The Times reports that smartphones make it easier for people to record illicit behaviors and report it.

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