In an effort to make hunting more appealing to young females, New York State has authorized fluorescent pink clothing for hunters.

For young girls or others who aren't feeling the blaze orange protective clothing, Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a law making solid or patterned pink an option instead of the typical orange fluorescent clothes hunters wear to avoid being mistaken for game and possibly shot.

Either color is required to be worn by licensed deer or bear hunters in New York who are 14 or 15 years old and their accompanying adults. The pink or orange fluorescent clothes must account for at least half of a hunter's garments above the waist and be visible in all directions.

The legislative sponsors of the pink gear law say they hope the younger generation gets away from their cellphones:

"They're trying to reverse the statewide decline in hunting and fishing and trying to encourage the small but growing population of female hunters."

A University of Wisconsin study found the human eye picks up fluorescent or blaze pink even more distinctly than orange which could keep hunters safer in the woods. Deer however,  "lack red sensitive cone cells in their eyes and don't see colors as humans do" and can't distinguish red or orange from green or brown.

Local stores like Gander Mountain and Dick's Sporting Goods expect to soon begin selling pink hunting outerwear for men and women.