Is it me, or don’t we all crave the fresh air, warmth of the sun, smell of the great outdoors? It’s time to say goodbye to winter and welcome March with open arms (first day of spring this month, SO excited!) A good hike can cleanse not only your mind and your body but even your soul. I cannot wait to get back into the groove of things and hit Mt. Beacon, backpack along the Shawangunks and visit Sam’s Point Ice Caves. I’ve got plenty of reasons to head to the woods... ASAP.

Need a mood booster? Hiking is where it’s at. 

Not only can hiking bring that instant feeling of calm, but it can also reduce negative thoughts. Studies found that spending time in nature decreases negative and obsessive thoughts. Just by taking the time to remove ourselves from our daily routine and spend more time in nature can greatly benefit our physical and psychological being.

Backpacking in nature is a great workout and boosts those brainwaves

Going to the gym sometimes just doesn’t cut it especially when it becomes boring and overcrowded. I can't stand waiting for the cardio equipment. Plus, studies show that people who exercise outside are more likely to keep at it vs slacking off on the gym routine. This makes it much easier to become more active on a regular basis.

It’s hard to stay in tip-top shape but summers coming so there’s no better time than the present (eye roll) Hiking is a great way to burn those calories. An average hike can burn about 400–700 calories per hour, depending on your size and the hike difficulty itself (not stopping for selfies included).

Looking to plan the next group hangout or make it a fun date?

First dates can definitely be stressful and AWKWARD, (don’t we all know) lighten things up by taking in the beauty and sounds of nature. Who knows, this could get a little juicy too, hehe.

BUT the REAL question is where and when will you start hiking?

Hiking is FREE and you can invite anyone including your dog (or cat on a cute little leash!)

Definitely invest in some good, sturdy hiking shoes, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle (wait till after for that glass of wine!)

Check out these extra special spots and happy hiking!

  • Mt. Beacon (I promise it’s worth the view at the top!)
  • Shawangunk Mountains
  • Sam’s Point Ice Caves
  • Anthony's Nose Bear Mountain State Park