Ulster County, this one is for you.

With spring hitting the Hudson Valley with full force, we can start enjoying one of the more popular activities in our area, hiking. One of the best places to get a great hike in is at the Mohonk Preserve. However, as most of us know there is a fee to get around Mohonk. If you don't have a current membership, it's $15 for hikers and $20 for those who want to go climbing, biking and horseback riding.

Ulster County is working to become the healthiest county in New York State. In an effort to do so, Mohonk is offering a free one-month membership to Ulster County residents on April 20 through April 23.

If you're interested in obtaining a free month membership, sign ups will begin Thursday, April 20 at the Preserve Visitor Center from 10am to 4pm and will continue on Saturday and Sunday at the Spring Farm Trailhead from 10am to 4pm.

For a free month pass, visitors must have proof of Ulster County residence at the time of sign up. Memberships will be good until May 21.

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