The DEC has announced the dates for small game hunting in New York State. There are some special opportunities for junior hunters. There are several youth-only hunting seasons for pheasants and waterfowl. These seasons open before the regular season.


Waterfowl Hunting begins in early October and junior hunters can hunt prior to the regular season. Junior hunters are 12-15 years old. They must be accompanied by a licensed adult hunter. Both must be registered with Harvest Information Program. Adults must have a federal migratory bird stamp. The specific dates are September 24, 25 in the Lake Champlain Zone.

Junior hunters can also hunt pheasants the weekend prior to regular pheasant hunting season. In western New York, October 8, 9. In northern and eastern New York, Sept 24-25 and October 29, 30 on Long Island. Once again both the junior and adult hunter must have a license. Only the junior hunter is allowed to carry a firearm during these dates.