The 2019 Northeast Outdoor Show will feature a special buy/sell boat corral! Are you looking to sell your boat or watercraft? Do it at the Northeast Outdoor Show!

How does it work?
For a $50 fee, you can display your boat/watercraft that you are looking to sell to the thousands of people who attend the Northeast Outdoor Show at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck. For your fee, you can display any size boat/watercraft and also be provided with 2 weekend pass ($40 value) to the show so you can choose to be with your boat or just have it on display.

We encourage everyone to post information about your boat, contact information, and price on your boat for the attendees looking to purchase.

How can I buy my ticket?

If you are interested in showing your boat at the event, simply click the link below and purchase the ticket. You will have to drop your boat off at the fairgrounds on either Thursday May 16th or Friday May 17th.

Once you purchase your ticket, it will be valid for one boat/watercraft at the event. It will also include 2 weekend passes ($40 value). You will then take your ticket along with your boat to the fairgrounds vendor check in on either Thursday May 16th or Friday May 17th. We will show you to your spot, and also provide you with your weekend pass.

If you have further questions, please email