Great news for Dutchess County and the Hudson Valley.

steve everts

During the Dutchess County Agricultural Breakfast last week it was reviled that Dutchess County Agriculture has been and continues to be a leading producer sales  for New York State according to a press release. During the breakfast the State Agricultural report for 2017 was presented. This report outlines the various aspects of Dutchess County agriculture from the diversity to it's objectives.

For example Dutchess County is number one in New York State when it comes to inventory number and sale value in horses, the Sate Agricultural report adds that Dutchess County is 12th overall in the United States. Dutchess is also first in the State when it comes to Goat sales, 12th in the sales value of Christmas Trees and 17th in sales value of fruits and berries.

While Dutchess County did well in 2016, there is always room for improvement. For 2017 the objective for Dutchess County Agriculture ranges from better communication between farmers and residents/local government/consumers to assisting schools to offer basic agriculture in their curriculums.  You can read the full Dutchess County Agriculture report at Dutchess County's main website.