So, a deer walked into a grocery store.

It sounds like the beginning of a corny, bad joke, but this actually happened.

It's officially deer hunting season throughout New York State. Living in the Hudson Valley we know deer show up just about anywhere, but have you ever seen one in a Price Chopper grocery store?

I know I haven't, but the same can't be said for the folks at the Price Chopper store in Cooperstown New York.

According to, customer service worker Sarah Van Domelen said a buck entered the Price Chopper store right through the automatic doors around 9:30pm and headed to straight to the produce section.

Obviously, this was a unique situation but Domelen tells NYUpstate "It was friendly as if somebody had been hand feeding it. You could walk up and pet it."

It turned out to be a quick trip to Price Chopper for the buck. Another employee used food as bait to lead the buck out the door and back to the wild.

Maybe next time he'll bring some coupons and save a couple...bucks.