Fall is here and deer hunting season is almost upon us. However,if you are a deer hunter you must have the proper permits to do so.

On September 6th the Department of Environmental Conservation is reporting that they received a phone call that a buck had been shot in the New Windsor area. ECO Chris Lattimer did some research with the DEC Wildlife staff and found that there were no deer damage permits in that area.

After speaking with the New Windsor Police Department dispatcher Lattimer found out that the shooter, who was also the original caller, told dispatch that he had shot the buck under a deer damage permit. The caller also asked to be contacted if the buck was found.


ECOs Corey Hornicek, Tom Koepf, and Lattimer went to the area in question and within 20 minutes found the 8 point buck.

Officer Lattimer contacted the shooter who said he was hunting in an apple orchard with a deer damage permit, however his permit was for Ulster County.

Charges are pending for multiple violations of the Environmental Conservation Law.

For more information on deer hunting laws visit the DEC website.