Growing up I always hoped one of the trees in my parents yard would make it to Rockefeller Center.

Unfortunately, my hopes and dreams never came true. But I do know that some of the trees around the Hudson Valley are quite big. Have you ever hiked through the woods in Ulster or Dutchess? Even just driving down the street you can see some impressive timber.

Several parts of the Hudson Valley take part in Tree City USA, you'll see the signs, like in Poughkeepsie on Hooker Avenue. According to the Tree City USA site there are 119 communities in New York that are a part of the organization and places like Poughkeepsie and Kingston have been apart of Tree City USA for over 30 years.

Phil Nye/TSM
Phil Nye/TSM

If you know of some big trees that you would like to register you can do so by visiting the New York Department of Environmental Conservation website. The DEC is currently accepting registrations, however there are some rules. You must know the origin of the tree and is must only be a native and naturalized species of tree. Measurements of the tree must be "confirmed by non-DEC tree professionals experienced in identifying and measuring trees" like certified arborists.

Where is the biggest tree you've seen in the Hudson Valley?