Saugerties resident and TV Host Jay Gruen live in studio with the CJ in the morning show.

As we all get ready for the NorthEast Outdoor Sports Show, which is coming to the Dutchess County Fairgrounds on Saturday May 20th and Sunday May 21st, we got lucky to sit down for a few minutes with Jay Gruen who hosts the television show "Unplugged Nation" on the FYI Network.

Such a nice guy and how about that beard!

How cool would it be if everyone watching or listening decided this year to at least try and grow some of their own vegetables? If you have never tried, give it a try this year.

Like Jay said, Its called Homesteading now but we used to call it just living.

If you haven't checked out Jay's show yet, you can watch on FYI, Amazon prime, YouTube, and Google play. New episodes will start airing again in September.